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Real estate law, rights in rem and building law

The dream of a home – and all that goes with it – should not remain a dream. Our firm has many years of experience in the field of real estate law and offers comprehensive legal advice for all types of real estate matters. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their real estate goals, while ensuring that their rights and interests are fully protected. We offer our clients a wide range of real estate law services, including advice and representation in real estate transactions, contract negotiations, real estate development projects, construction law, landlord and tenant law, foreclosures and more.

Buying, selling or managing a property are important and often unique issues for anyone. For this reason, it is important for us to guide our clients step by step through the complex processes to ensure that they make informed decisions and comply with all legal requirements. Our goal is to realise the dream of home ownership in a pragmatic and timely manner by providing efficient and effective solutions. With an experienced and proven network of freelancers from across the real estate industry, we are able to assist you comprehensively in your dealings and navigate you through the confusing barrage of regulations.

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Family law

Family law matters are usually difficult and emotional situations for the people involved. We are here to help you through these difficult times and ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in family law and is ready to assist you at every stage of your legal affairs. We cover a wide range of matters, including divorce, custody, maintenance, adoption and more.

Our goal is to listen to you, understand your needs and provide you with the best legal advice and assistance for your unique situation. We know that every case is unique and has different needs. For this reason, we offer personalised and individual advice to ensure that your needs and concerns are met.

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Succession law

In the context of the death of a loved one, it is difficult and emotional to deal with legal issues related to succession. Our goal is to stand by our clients during this difficult time and ensure that their interests are protected. Our firm has extensive experience in succession law and offers comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of succession law. Our team is available to assist clients in all aspects of inheritance law, from estate planning to the execution of wills. We also help our clients assert their rights in relation to inheritance.

Our goal is to find effective and efficient solutions to conflicts in succession law and we work hard to ensure that our clients are able to defend their interests and achieve their goals. As each case is unique, we take the time to understand our clients’ individual needs and wishes. We are committed to providing personalised and tailored advice to ensure that you receive the best possible support and legal advice.

If you have any questions relating to inheritance law, please contact us. Contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation.

Marriage preparation

In the course of the seminar for brides and grooms at the Bildungshaus Lichtenburg, Dr Thomas Brenner, lawyer, gives lectures on the legal aspects of marriage.

Agricultural law and closed farms

South Tyrol is known for its agriculture, in particular the apple and wine industry. The importance and history of agriculture is also reflected in the agricultural law that applies specifically in South Tyrol, which brings with it a whole series of special regulations. Legal issues in this area are usually complex and far from easy.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the legal aspects of farms and agriculture in South Tyrol, we are able to offer you comprehensive legal advice on a wide range of farm and closed farm law issues, from setting up a closed farm to the transfer of the farm and the succession on the closed farm, and to deal with your problems also in court.

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General civil law
(obligations and contracts)

Contracts accompany us every day and throughout our lives; they are the basis of civil coexistence. Our law firm has many years of experience in all areas of obligation and contract law. We help you draft, negotiate and effectively enforce your contracts and transactions, whatever they may be. In doing so, we offer tailor-made solutions to your individual legal problems. Our goal is to help our clients draft their contracts and transactions clearly and effectively to avoid potential conflicts and problems. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives and develop a strategy to achieve them.

Our team is ready to assist you in all areas of bond and contract law, including contract negotiation, contract drafting, contract review and analysis, contract enforcement and dispute resolution.

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Debt collection
(reminder and enforcement procedures)

Dealing with defaulting debtors can be a huge burden and even put a strain on your finances. That is why we offer you comprehensive and effective support in recovering your debts. We have in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in all areas of debt collection, including debtor investigations, dunning procedures, judicial executions and insolvency proceedings. After careful evaluation of the interests at stake, we look for the most appropriate means of debt recovery and offer customised solutions according to the specific needs of the case.

Our goal is to help our clients recover their debts as quickly and efficiently as possible. In doing so, we never forget that there can often also be strategic business relationships, partnerships and friendships behind a debt, and that it always requires the necessary tact.

The time factor plays an important role in debt collection and the statute of limitations is always a problem. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

Commercial and corporate law

Our firm advises in many areas of commercial and corporate law. We help to establish, manage and protect companies effectively and efficiently. In doing so, we offer individual solutions for the respective legal problems.
With the help of a proven network of freelancers, we can assist you in all aspects of commercial and corporate law, from company formation and transformation to litigation and intellectual property rights. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives and develop a strategy to achieve them.

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Banking law

We have many years of experience in the field of banking law and have in-depth knowledge in all areas of this complex subject. We help our clients – be they banks or bank customers – to protect and enforce their rights and interests in connection with banking transactions and contracts.

We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice and assistance in all areas of banking law, including guarantees, loan agreements, interest calculation, securities and investments. As the national and EU banking law regime is constantly evolving due to new regulations and Supreme Court jurisprudence, we place great emphasis on sound and up-to-date case-by-case research. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives and develop a strategy to successfully assert their rights and interests.

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Tort law

Damage never has a positive meaning, regardless of whether the relationship is contractual or non-contractual. While damage is in itself a negative impact for the injured party, the occurrence of damage implies that the liable party is likely to face a claim for compensation. We have extensive expertise and years of experience in the field of liability law and have been helping our clients successfully assert their rights and interests in relation to claims for more than 20 years.

The field of law is extremely broad and can encompass almost all situations in life, which is why we are particularly active in the areas of medical liability, road law, ski and mountain liability and product liability. Each case has its own specificity and, especially since major financial consequences are usually at stake, requires meticulous analysis and strategic planning. For this reason, we always maintain close contact with our clients to know the specific details and be able to respond to all needs. A proven network of experts helps us conduct an expert analysis of the facts in advance and get a full picture of the risks and opportunities of litigation – even in urgent cases through preventive technical assessment proceedings.

Insurance law issues are inevitably linked to liability law. One of our core competences is to negotiate claims with insurance companies in a timely manner and to seek out-of-court solutions. If this is unsuccessful, we are committed to asserting your interests in all legal venues.

Since time plays a very important role in the determination and assertion of claims, do not hesitate. Contact us today, informally and without obligation, and we will be happy to help you.

Selected areas of customs and tax law

Crossing a border or cross-border transport means entering another national legal system and often entails a whole range of legal implications. Not least for geographical reasons, our core competences also include a wide range of customs and tax issues. We advise both before and after the border crossing, especially when administrative sanctions or other legal consequences stemming from customs and/or tax law are at stake.

We offer comprehensive advice and assistance in selected areas, including the transport of precious metals and cash. Often large sums are involved, and serious criminal charges are also at stake. For this reason, close contact with the client and careful planning of the strategy are essential from the outset.

If you have problems, questions or doubts about a border crossing or cross-border transport, please contact us.

Selected areas of criminal law

Ongoing criminal proceedings are a very stressful situation and a possible conviction hangs over you like a sword of Damocles. We would like to relieve our clients of this burden and stand by their side as a protective shield and contact during this time. Registered with the Criminal Chamber and with many years of experience in criminal law and criminal procedure, we deal with criminal law matters in relation to matters within our areas of expertise, in particular:

  • Road traffic law (drink-driving, traffic accidents, etc.)
  • Personal injury (especially as a result of an accident)
  • Family criminal law (non-payment of alimony, family abuse, etc.).
  • Offences against property (theft, robbery, fraud, etc.)

Our aim is to develop a winning strategy already at the preliminary investigation stage and bring the proceedings to the best possible outcome. In this context, decisions made within the framework of criminal procedural law, such as the choice of special proceedings and defence investigations (obtaining expert opinions, hearing witnesses, etc.) can be decisive already in the early stages of proceedings. We are also committed to preserving anonymity and minimising disruptive factors, such as media bias, by consistently intervening against excessive reporting and fake news. We also offer comprehensive advice and legal assistance to people who have been harmed by crimes, e.g. by drafting complaints and lawsuits or becoming a civil party in criminal proceedings.

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